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Kaerimashou Game

A short 2.5D horror visual novel game, with an action segment that determines the ending. Created as a personal project in the span of 3 weeks. Click the image above to play the game!

Tools Used

Unity, Behavior Designer, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Blender

Process Work


This project started off as a very bare bones prototype created for an AI Programming class. The assignment goal was to use behaviour trees to create AI behaviours in a game. My initial idea was for a stalking AI that follows the player, and hides when the player turns around. The player loses if the AI catches up to the player, but wins when they spot the AI before it hides. This initial prototype was done in Unity, using Visual Studio, Behavior Machine for the behaviour tree, and Paint for the sprites. To the right is the one page design document created for the assignment. Below is what the initial prototype looked like.


After completing the prototype, I wanted to flesh out the idea further by adding in a story, characters, and making it a full game. The experience I wanted to create was one where "you're walking home alone, and you sense someone is following behind you." From there, I refined the behaviour tree by switching over to Behavior Designer, created and animated sprites in Photoshop and Unity 2D Animation Package, modeled and textured a scene in Blender, made my own simple dialogue system, and wrote the story. Small changes were done after I had 3 playtesters try the game. To the right are screenshots from the finished game.


Challenges and Takeaways

This is the first project I created on my own, with the only help being from playtesters critiques. I learned that getting a fresh look from others really helps to point out what could be missing from your game. The constant lesson I always learn from any project is to step away from the screen for a bit to clear your head, and solutions to your problems come quicker. I also learned how to scope appropriately within my current skill set. While the game is short, I'm happy with the results and reception I've gotten.

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